Licensing: TX#B-02283 • ACR 1750630 • OK#324


Acoustics always effects intelligibility within any environment. What good is audio amplification if you cannot understand it?

  • Determining problems with Sound Transmission Class (STC) energy transferred between spaces, and Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) sound that bounces around in space.
  • Reverberation (like clapping your hands—comes from everywhere) is sound returning to you without definition, and echo is sound returning to you with definition (like sound “Slap Back” voice from the back of a hard surface room)
  • Design, sale, and install acoustical panels in churches, auditoriums, coliseums, stages, meeting halls, Ball Rooms, and any inside environment were echo, reverberation, and intelligibility are a problem.
  • Absorption, Aesthetics, fire protection Values – Acoustics vs Aesthetics
  • Privacy
  • Intelligibility STI testing
  • Purchase Acoustic Panels in a box for DIY people the same as if you purchased it off the internet

Primary Manufacturers

  • Perdue Acoustics
  • Other Manufacturers


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